About Us

GoRefurbo is one of the best electronic gadgets shopping portal of India. We offer all kinds of refurbished electronic gadgets such as Laptops, Smartphone. LED TVs, Software’s & Desktops etc. In our shopping portal we provide all kinds of products with various ranges and Budget friendly price. Hence, all the gadgets lovers will get products that suits best to their choice.

Gorefurbo is one most trusted brand that provides refurbished electronics and appliances. These products are thoroughly processed and screened for our customers. 

Gorefurbo helps organizations reclaim the value, back from retired equipment and safely dispose of any regulated electronics waste.

Besides used goods, some reasons why products get labeled as refurbished are Opened box, Demo units and Production defects.

Then Gorefurbo sends the equipment to refurbishment facilities with international standard grading, equipped to provide manufacturing of critical components, assembly, testing and refurbishing services.

After full testing and inspection the equipment is certified with warranty and listed on the website for sale.

The following are Gorefurbo’s principals

  • Trust
  • Consumer’s information seeking intention
  • Perceived risk (Financial, Psychological, Physical, functional and social)
  • Ease in buying process
  • Medium (Online/Offline)
  • Quality assurance ( Warranty , Certification, Internal quality checks)
  • Turnaround time
  • Life span
  • Brand of refurbished goods
  • Price
  • Ease of return